Be kind to your Facebook fans

by crayg

I was doing some general Facebook surfing the other day and I came across the Facebook page for one of America’s premiere coffee creamers. The content was really well thought out. There was a good mix of links and anecdotal updates. A little bit of product info here and there to keep the consumer up to date and a lot of UGC (user generated content).But then my heart froze. As I went more carefully through the page, I noticed that the community manager had not responded to ANY of the fans posts. None whatsoever. There really is no excuse for this. The reason that fans comment on a page is so that they will be acknowledged and engaged with. They want to feel that the brand they love, loves them back. If you don’t have a response, simply clicking the ‘like’ button on their contribution is enough.

I realize that at the end of the day, a Facebook page is about moving products off of shelves. So if you don’t respond to a consumer here and there, who really cares? Well, that person does. If you’re too lazy to respond to a consumer that’s posted on your page, you’re probably also too lazy to research your community. You may never discover that the people you’re ignoring are your brand ambassadors, consumers who are vocal and are willing to spread the word. But sure, go ahead, ignore them.

The other argument is simply one of manners. If somebody speaks to you, be polite and acknowledge them.

To summarize, social media is about conversation. So make sure you’re having those conversations, otherwise, save your money and splash out on a few banner ads instead.

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